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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hint Mints Vegan?

Yes! Unlike most mint products, we are proud that all hint mind products are certified vegan.  For more info, check out

Are Hint Mints Gluten or Wheat Free?

Yes! Hint Mints are both gluten and wheat free to accommodate those who are allergic to these ingredients.

Wow, is that the potent smell of chocolate?

Yes! Hint Mint uses naturally bitter cocoa powder to flavor our Classic Chocolate mints.  Our unique formula includes a stronger menthol that carries the chocolate smell as it evaporates

Are Hint Mints Kosher?

Yes (Except our New Green Tea - We Are still working on that).  All  other Hint Mint Flavors and lines are certified Kosher by KSA.

For More Information on KSA, check out: 

Are Hint Mints Made With Natural Products?

Hint Mint tablets are made with natural extracts and oils.  Hint Mint products are 100% Vegan, contain no animal ingredients and are Certified Kosher by KSA (excluding Green Tea)

If you have any additional questions or comments, please free free to contact us.